Success Stories

Little Caesars Steinbach

Little Caesars Steinbach

We decided to open up a Little Caesars in Steinbach earlier this year as a family venture. Little Caesars is a very family oriented company and we were ecstatic when they said our family had what it took to be a part of theirs. After being told we were prime candidates for the business we recruited the help of LRCC as we are a family of proud Metis Canadians. LRCC helped us in so many ways; from financial help to emotional by making our dream come true.

We have now been open for 5 months and are excelling as a team under the guidance of Little Caesars. We scored 98% on our most recent review from Little Caesars and received a plaque marking this recognition, making us the highest scoring store in Canada. This was a huge accomplishment for us as we were being recognized for all the hours and hard work we have put into this business and will continue to put into it for years to come. We owe LRCC a huge Thank You in giving us their full support in our venture.

Irene and Kianna Cook, Owners

Voilà par Andréanne

Voilà par Andréanne

The LRCC impressed upon us that successful businesses don’t “just happen.” Their support in the application and the development of our business plan for the Business Equity Contribution Fund, sponsored by Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development, has given us the opportunity to grow, hire new staff, increase sales and position Voilà par Andréanne as an important Aboriginal Designer in Canada.

LRCC’s business knowledge in the principles of inventory management and sales has kept us focused to attain the growth objectives we had set in our business plan. Their business network gave us the opportunity to be part of the visit of Prince Charles to Innovation Alley, by setting up meetings with other very successful business people to get advice and the possibility to be highlighted in SAY magazine has all contributed to achieve our goal.

What we appreciated most about LRCC’s services was the personal touch and quick response to any of our questions. Their visits to our manufacturing premises gave us the assurance that their objectives were to insure that the financial assistance we were receiving would truly mobilize our business to the next step of being a reality.

David Dandeneau, Business Manager & Andréanne Dandeneau, Owner, Designer

Apprentissage Illimité Inc.

Apprentissage Illimité Inc.

With our revamped website it is now possible for Apprentissage Illimité to provide passwords, grant licenses for using our products as well as the ability to sell our e-products directly from our website instead of having to reply to resellers.

Many of our products feature Metis content and we are able to highlight all of our Aboriginal products in a special section on our website. We are very happy with the end product and it has already started to pay off as these new capacities were instrumental in helping us close a significant sale to hundreds of Ontario schools.

I would like to thank the LRCC for providing the help I needed as the project evolved and making the process as easy as possible.

Raymond Poirier, President

VH Footwear Incorporated

VH Footwear Incorporated

Thank you LRCC for your grant program support of my company’s recent expansion into the hockey skate market. Programs like these give aboriginal entrepreneurs the motivation and direction to help succeed.

Scott Van Horne, President

LRCC: Making it all possible! - La Belle Baguette

La Belle Baguette

My name is Alix Loiselle and I am a proud franco-manitoban metis. Being born and raised in Winnipeg, I have lived and travelled across the country to become a trained pastry chef. Having moved back to Winnipeg in 2013, I wanted to establish myself in my native community of St.Boniface and share with everyone my dream and passion of owning a bakery.

Reality hit very fast when I started calculating the costs involved in getting all the equipment put in place to make this come true. The "BUSINESS EQUITY CONTRIBUTION FUND" program from LRCC was the perfect fit for me and after being accepted into this grant program, I knew that my dream was finally going to become true.

Everyone at LRCC was extremely supportive and readily available to answer my many questions. Coordinating funds for large sums of money towards my equipment was very stressful to me, but again, the staff at LRCC really understood the process and did everything they could to make it a smooth process.

I would recommend this program to everyone qualifiable for it, in a heartbeat! My bakery has known a lot of success since we opened our doors and LRCC definitely played a major roll in this! I can now say that I am the very proud owner of La Belle Baguette, a franco-manitoban bakery in the heart of Winnipeg's French Quarter.

Alix Loiselle, Owner